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OMIS 665 - Big Data Analytics

OMIS 665: Big Data Analytics

*** Some students are having trouble loading files into SAS Enterprise Miner for Labs 5 and 6. As such, the SAS portion of those labs has been changed to Extra Credit. ***

*** R code for 3/7's class.

*** R code for 2/28's class.
*** Association Rules Excel file for 2/28's class.
*** Association Rules Excel SAS file for 2/28's class.

*** RegressionSimple.xlsx
*** RegressionSimple.csv
*** RegressionGrade.csv

*** R code for 2/14's class.
*** Clustering Excel file for 2/14's class.

We have three main learning sources:
1. The text
2. The PPT slides and Student Guide
3. The labs and Lab Guide

During class we elaborate on topics in these sources and highlight aspects which will allow you to succeed in integrating these sources outside of class. We are covering the EMC Academic Alliance curriculum to prepare you for the optional 60 multiple-choice question EMC Education Services E20-007 Data Science and Big Data Analytics Exam, and successful candidates (pass rate is >66%) will achieve the EMC Proven Professional, Data Science Associate credential.

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